An Amazing Woman

An Amazing Woman

I know a woman-an amazing woman. Beautiful and strong, loving and caring, giving and supportive Ange is a real special woman Ange is my rock star. In 2015 I fell hard I was broken and lost, lost to an unknown world. I had become an infant I had to start from scratch and relearn about the person I actually am…or was. Starting over was not my choice but relearning and living the best I can is my choice. Ange had a choice she could have moved on with her life fulfilled many of her dreams but she chose not to Ange chose to stay right at my side every day. Ange is right at my side to continue our journey together. Together we will fight through this difficult time.

I often lie next to Ange at night whilst she sleeps just quietly listening to her breathing relaxed and free, just being able to enjoy a moment for herself. Whilst I lie quietly I wonder how my life would have been right now if Ange had been crushed under my TBI weight and had moved on. Well truth be told my TBI is crushing and hurtful I do not mean this as I do not fully understand the constant weight I unleash. I know if Ange weren’t there I would be lost and broken.

As I wake the following morning I feel my Ange next to me and I am at ease, I am happy and feel safe. Ange is and has always been right at my side Ange picks me up each and every day. Wow what an amazing strong woman she is I am the luckiest man alive.

Thank you Ange for all that you do for me you are amazing. You are my rock star.


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