Power of Life

Power of Life

Our life is our journey we may do what we want with it. Yes the law of today tells us you may not do this, you may not do that and if you do then you shall spend time behind bars. Well if that is where you would wish to spend your days then sobeit ultimately it is your choice whatever happens.

I wish to spend my days happy where ever I am or whatever I am doing I would like to be happy. Helping others is what I love to do putting a smile on a broken face is an awesome way to spend a short part of the day. We all have the power we are all given a choice, I don’t believe there is a wrong choice I just believe after the fact we do come to our senses and say ‘oh f…’ that was not too clever of me. I also believe once we have realised we did indeed make a wrong choice we should then stand up and take responsibility.

Life is powerful and amazing so too is love and enjoyment. Put all the great parts together and paint a picture of your dreams. Once that painting stands before you bring it to life, give it love and live it. Make it happen just remember that whilst on your quest to fulfill dreams, whilst you paint your picture have balance for balance will keep your brush alive and full of colour.

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