Number Ten of Two Hundred and Fifty

Number Ten of Two Hundred and Fifty

Today I met with Jerry to check on the progress of my book; Jerry is a close friend of my dad he is helping me with the editing of My Broken Brain. I should not change and edit my words too much he suggested as people need to know about me and this will give my own unique style. He took the first paper copy of my book to take a look. Jerry is an avid reader and an artist his daughter is also in this field so the two of them sit down for a few weeks to “look” through.

Today he opens the paper copy I gave him there before me I see coloured pen marks throughout the pages. F… I say, Jerry stops me and says don’t worry most of the editing I have done is just sections you need to delete as you repeat yourself continuously. I do know this compliment of my extremely short memory issue. As I go through the book with Jerry I am impressed there is not too many punctuation mistakes still I need to now start on page one of two hundred and fifty. Retype, rethink and redo as I retype I am happy and I can see that I will be able to launch a book. Who would have even thought this would be possible Bevan write a book yes sure. Well it is true it is going to happen. I will because I can and I can because I want to.

Wednesday I spoke to Tina about my book and it turns out that Tina knows one of my favorite radio DJ’s of the years before my accident. This DJ used to do book reviews so I pleaded with Tina please can I meet her please, please, please. Tina if you do read this post please  tell me where she is one day and I will accidentally bump into her and just happen to have my newly edited copy of my book tucked securely under my arm. I would love for her to peep through it and give me a quick word; either no, no, no or well it looks okay this would certainly be a highlight to me…just saying.

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