What Can i Learn Today

What Can I Learn Today

Will it be something I already know or will it be something new? It doesn’t really matter as long as I can learn. I guess if I have lost let’s say seventy per cent of my memory then whatever sticks is a great thing.

The neuro surgeons tell me that I have lost most of my long term memory and I struggle with my short term issues so why then if I see an old picture I know about it. Well in truth I guess I know about it as I am in the picture or if it is a picture of a person I have recently seen or have seen after my accident I can recognise them. I see the picture and I know the person but the details are not really there. I do know they hide somewhere in the grey matter but where I have no clue.

Recently we had to have our gate repaired I had met the man that came to do the necessary repairs a few weeks before but on this day a different man came along. I did think it was the original man but after talking to him for a few minutes I realised he was a total stranger to me.

An hour later a second man came along to check on the progress of the repairs I then made a joke that they all look similar was this one of the requirements for the job I asked. We all laughed the second man then shook my hand and told me his name. I walked inside to rest a bit, after my short nap I went out to check on their progress. The second man I had been introduced to then said to me he was in fact the original person I had met a few weeks earlier. I knew this man looked similar they both did-the fact is that I had indeed met both of them the first time a few weeks earlier.

I laughed-we all laughed, originally I felt I knew them and I did however I had just gotten confused… I did learn a great lesson today. This was that laughter tends to relax people and it gives me an edge yes I have a broken brain but I do have a sense of humor and so I shall never want to lose this part of me. If I can make a person smile or get them to laugh instead of being so serious I will take that. Lucky Ange was there Ange knows her hubby too well as I would have probably let anyone in to repair the gate or perhaps help themselves to the contents of the house..


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