In a World

In a World

This world-our world this most amazing and beautiful place in which we live. Soon we will see this most amazing place from high rises and closed up walls. Soon the beautiful landscape shall be barren well not too barren for all that there shall be are generated corn fields and other food source plants grown to feed the masses. All the fields will not be able to generate new life on its own it will take the interference of companies. Why? Well seeds are now being sold to the farmers which cannot regrow themselves as their biological pattern is being changed.

Now as the wind blows so it spreads the new seeds over to the farmer which does not wish to plant these changed seedlings and so eventually he too will have to purchase the new seedlings from the overpowering companies for his seeds have been taken over by mans methods. This is all about money and power.

A vehicle can run endlessly on solar power, a globe can send out its light for over a hundred years, seeds can grow continuously so then why do we not do this. Well companies such as all the fuel giants just buy out all the patents and pay off all the new inventors they then kill the life of these great inventions in order to sell their products. The bottom line is that we are killing our planet-day by day, month by month, year by year. This to me is sad so very sad that the human race is being shut down by money and great corporations that do not give a fuck about the blue planet.

Let us try to spend a short time using the three R’s






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