A Smile is All it Takes

A Smile is All it Takes

Recently I wrote a blog I do not remember its contents but I do know it was for me to get up and get out of my room. A day later I walk to Pick n Pay I am about to get to the queue when a woman suddenly runs and sneaks in before me. This is just fine as I am in a good mood and everything is just okay.

I notice her face is down and she is distressed I then touch her on the shoulder she turns around she faces me with frustrated eyes. It is okay I say you are in a rush I can see just don’t rush too much as the day will be over and then you may miss out on the best part of it. What is the best part of today which is already bad? Well the fact that you are alive and it is a beautiful winters day. I then tell her of my injury and the last three years of my life.

Wow she says, I see her face light up her frustration fades away and turns to calm and joy. Thank you so much you have made my day. I am happy I was able to bring a smile to one person today. Seconds later my happiness turns to joy as the man standing in front of the lady turns and talks to me. He apologised for eaves dropping and then proceeds to tell me that I have just made his year. The man then starts to cry as he cries he tells me that these are tears of joy and that he cannot remember the last time he felt so emotional and happy. This now happy man moves on to pay for his goods.

It’s my turn and I am at the till I then am sad for I am a few rands short of the few goodies I wish to buy. I feel a tap on my shoulder as I turn around a lady says to me don’t worry I got this she then pays my short fall and tells me of the great joy I have brought to her by just smiling and talking to others. Wow I feel emotional now I have just brought smiles to people I do not even know.

Smile and the whole world will smile with you just for a moment now that shitty day has become great.

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