My Amazing Life

My Amazing Life

I have a TBI, my brain was smashed up knocked around, blood filled all the liquid which surrounds the delicate membrane oxygen was then prevented to entwine and bring life to this most important organ. I counted eleven other damaged parts in my body which suffered that traumatic blow. Both ankles, both knees my Pelvis right shoulder my wrist, my forearm, lungs, neck, back. My skull (which split from my nose to my neck and had a hole in it the size of an orange). My heart stopped beating countless times. Oh and not forgetting that my taste and smell have too been taken from me so how then do I say ‘my amazing life’?

Well easy-LIFE itself. I am alive I get to lay down next to the most amazing woman every evening, wake up each morning and have the privilege to live another day.

I have given three motivational speeches, I have run the New York Marathon, written a book and currently on the ninth. I have had a helicopter trip of a life time over the greenest canyon in the world, okay I never got to sit at a window seat and actually peer through the window but still been there, done that.

The four parts of my life in the above paragraph are amazing but to me that is not the best part. I now get to help another disabled man complete the New York Marathon with my coach Denis Tabakin (who himself is a legend). There are also two days in the week which bring so very much to me. Bio Kinetics with Justin Jefferies who himself has worked on Joost and Madiba and my day at Headway where I get to spend time with other humans that have a super power. The people at Headway have themselves fallen hard but they too have stood up and gotten to live another day. All these ordinary people are stronger than most other people I know they bring so many great parts out in me I am truly in awe how they continue to live by beating the odds. They are amazing and they allow me to enjoy every single moment I am alive.


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