Depression is an extremely difficult word to say. Try telling people you have depression or you are depressed. Twenty years ago everyone will start a bad rumour he is crazy stay away. I say twenty years ago but in reality today is very similar. Not many people know the truth about depression. TBI itself is unknown to most uneducated people unless they have first-hand experience in this field; Others will say he has brain damage stay away. The truth about a TBI is it is just an injury-Traumatic Brain Injury yes a brain injury is a difficult injury to deal with and in truth it will never heal as a broken arm will but we are certainly not crazy.

Depression is real it is not about “that person has lost their marbles he is crazy.” Depression is all about the brain a person does not just go ’crazy’ overnight. It is said that many TBI survivors do suffer from depression and that many will die from it. I think this is extremely sad that a person can survive a brain injury only to fall to depression.

Tuesday I could not get out of bed the walls were closing in I felt extremely sad and down. Previously I am sure I have had moments of depression but it would not last longer than a few minutes perhaps this is due to my lack of memory. In recent months my memory is so much better most of the time I remember bits of yesterday. Don’t ask me about the weekend though that is still a mystery to me although after many moments of deep thought it too shall grace me with bits and pieces.

Ange arrives home from work to find me stuck in my depressed moment. After some time I am once again happy and alive Ange talk’s sense to me and explained how deep my injury is, how damaged I actually was and that I am so strong now. Wow this woman is so amazing and so powerful I know that her mission to start Angela’s Angels will help so many of those that stand by us. I know Ange has taken my TBI and has allowed it to make her stronger too. I also know that my future is bright and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I also know that this light is not that of a train it is my light which now shines bright-so bright. I know I will be giving back so much more to all those which help and have helped me. I do know that Ange is super proud of me and that it is her that will be receiving so very much back.

Once again thank you Angie you are my rock star you are beautiful and you are and will be such a bright light to so many, you are an amazing woman.



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