I Can’t Fool Me

I Can’t Fool Me

How many times do we all say; oh I am making huge changes to my life- no more drinking, no more smoking I’m going to keep in shape, I have to change…bla, bla Fucking bla ,bla.

As you sit on the fence waiting to decide to yourself about the twentieth consecutive New Year’s resolution you made and if it will actually work or if you have indeed bitten off too much of that luscious steak again.  Remember that you are indeed on the fence and soon if you do not make the decision you will fall. Once you fall then only do you know you have chosen wrongly. Well you thought you fell but in actual fact you did not really fall. Your subconscious knew your decision before you made it. You were born you that is how it is you are you and that will not change. Yes you may give up one of your bad or good habits (depending on what is good and what is bad in different eyes).

Yes I get it to change is good and to cut out those habits could be a good change for you but in reality you will just pick up another habit very similar to those you thought you had gotten rid of. Perhaps you have just done this to make you look better for other people-maybe maybe not.

I have changed, I do not really know the old Bevan all he did or did not do but I do know he is the same person that was born forty odd years ago. I know this because I know now that I am who I am. I do believe I am a better person I look at life in a different way I appreciate life more and I care more for others. I guess this is because lying in a coma for many weeks will help one see life in a different way. I have bad habits but I will not change I will have a beer when I want to and I do not really care what others think. If they do not like the way I am well I am sorry this is who I am. I could try to fool you but I can’t fool me. I love life and I try live the best I can if I do something wrong that hurts others I am sorry mostly now I just don’t know if I hurt someone. I am me and I will be me I will not live my life to keep up something I am not I live this way because I can’t fool me.

Fight harder-live harder-love harder.

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