My Awesome Rock Star

Awesome Ange

This amazing woman keeps on surprising me I call Ange my rock star because she is just that, actually Ange is a super star but rock star suits her better. Ange is constantly going out of her way to make me as comfortable as best she can. I know everyone will say yes that is what married couples do-they always put the other half first. Marriage is a bond it should be a lifelong bond but for many reasons nowadays it seems to be a constant battle a battle which should not be a battle at all. There is a saying ‘love conquers all’ I wish that were true but in reality many ordinary people have just brushed that aside and follow different roads.

I have a TBI which I would not wish on my worst enemy this injury can eat up a marriage in a day. Ange will not be beaten by my TBI Ange has taken my injury and has too turned it around to allow it to strengthen her. Angela’s Angels is one of the positive outcomes she has made possible from my devastating injury. Ange started a support group for all those husbands and wives that take care of their beloved ones who suffer from this invisible injured. This is a support group just so they can get out every now and then to share a day together as friends Ang needs this she needs a friend to talk to every now and then just people that share a big part of their life. Ange has also felt the void left behind after my accident this is that most of her friends are no longer there. I see strength in her eyes, I see that caring person stretching out an arm to help others that need a little bit of support.

Ange sent me a pic of her and Brian Habana wow this was a special moment for Ange she is so lucky to have met one of my hero’s. Brian is in my mind the greatest wing to have ever played rugby. Awesome Ange you are my rock star.

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