Just a Thought

Just a Thought

The time is now is 5H20 as usual I have been up a while two odd hours in fact. This is just fine as I am sleeping through the night now… well almost as I was up several times tossing and turning. I do know I had many hours sleep as I did not wake up in the lounge with a computer placed in an awkward position or lying on the floor next to my curled up body. Curled up as it is mid-winter in Johannesburg and at two in the morn it can get chilly.

Rather curled up on a couch than in a cold hospital basement waiting to die. Three years ago and exactly one month that was the case until a great hearted paramedic would bring life back to me for the first time of many. I had a thought this morning as I lay in the lounge waiting for the beautiful sun to show its glowing face. Where would the ones closest to me be right now and what would they be doing? Ange not sure but she would know 3yrs would be coming up. My kiddies would also soon be reminded of that shitty date, Cammy in matric, Keegs flying back from Dubai both wondering about their fallen husband and dad.

Before my mom left us she said to me as she had a thought ‘you know my son next month you will be better and you won’t have to go to rehab anymore.’ Well it isn’t that simple my TBI is with me for my life now I cannot drive or work and I guess it won’t be happening soon. This is just fine I am positive and in good spirits that soon we will get a break. I have to be positive and besides it beats lying in a cold room waiting to die. I am alive and the sun will rise, soon it will bring warmth and it will show us a happy face. I will wait for it and I will greet it with joy and today will be a good day-a good day to be alive.

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