Real Really?


What is real is it something we all agree on if we can see it is it then only real? How many times do we hear a young child saying ‘but mom I saw it, it is real.’ Our answer would mostly be in some form dismissive such as yes my angel it is real you need to get to sleep now or… it is just your imagination.

Let us just think back to when we first walked on the moon. 1969 I had just been born the entire world was glued to their television screens. There it was a man has now walked on the moon. Before that time we would all look up and see the shining ball and say I wonder if we will ever get there or who lives there? Star Trek the movie giant space ships flying through vast darkness discovering new worlds-new planets. Yes if you believe that you are crazy it is not real it is just a movie. Well guess what everyone there is now an international space station. Why then are there movies of this nature? Why do these writers write all this gobble dee goo? It’s not real it is just our imagination or is it? Perhaps they have been selected to show all the truth.

UFO sightings if you believe that you are crazy, or are you? A typical Alien is usually described with a over large brain, large eyes and long fingers, Why? Is it because this was the first way Aliens were drawn by some crazy nut or is it because this is the truth. Shall we try giving this an explanation-Large brains perhaps the large brain is that it has evolved to store more information there is no time in outa space so for ten thousand years we keep storing more and more information and the brain needs to grow and so it does. Long fingers-Typing on laptops long fingers will be use full. Large eyes can be used to see extremely long distances like to another star in another galaxy. Thin legs and body is because in outa space there is no gravity. Perhaps the Aliens are our fore fathers just coming to see if all is okay, they do not stay too long for when they are here on earth is when they age. Who wants to age and get old in any way and what is real really? Oh and the featured image is real. two lights flew around before me once i took the pic they disappeared.


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