Just One Second

Just One Second

“A second later and I would be dead”                                                                                                                              “A second earlier and he would alive today”                                                                                                                    “If only he left a second later he would still be with us now-happy and smiling.”

How often do we hear the phrase ‘just one second’? I could be a perfect example of this phrase. The fact is though, well in my mind this it just that a phrase. Let’s put my theory in perspective or let me just break it down to one minute.

If I had parked one meter further away in the parking lot, if I took a second longer to walk to my bike, as I rode off I turned wider, If I had placed my helmet on whilst walking to my bike instead of when on my bike. If I had taken that second longer to double clip my helmet, If my mom had held me in her arms as I left her on the day that would change my life forever just for a second longer… you get the idea. All these seconds would eventually add up to several minutes or perhaps just one minute I would have never had my accident.

So does just one second have value? In my eyes there could have been so many different scenarios each one of them could have had a different outcome. I could be dead now, I would have never written a book, I would have never run the New York Marathon, I would have never been able to… and so it goes on.

Well it isn’t really one second it is actually one life. It breaks down to this –one life live it… with no regrets. If we do make a mistake or we via off in a path that we did not ever want to go down just change that path and learn from the mistakes allow those stupid decisions to strengthen you. Accept it and then move on. I have moved on it is difficult and it is challenging but it is my life now and I will not live in the past I will live my life to the best I can. I am happy and I am alive.


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