A Bit Sad But So Happy

A Bit Sad But So Happy

My New York Marathon number which I received from the runners association is; 180929 an interesting number indeed. 18 being my dad’s birthday-09 being the month my dad and I were born and 29 being the day my mom passed on. I should have remembered this but due to my TBI of course I had forgotten all about these important dates.

Now yesterday I was told of this date by my wife only after we had taken her gran out for a lunch. Annie shares a birthday with my dear mom. We could not take her out on the 24th as she was not well so it had to be on the 29th. Once back Ange tells me of what took place a year ago. I then call my dad to see if he is good and well. Of course he is as my dad is strong and tough I do hear in his voice that a call from me was good for him.

After speaking to my dad I connect to Facebook-my daughter Cammy tells me often that I am a Facebook addict. I do know this but Facebook is my connection to the outside world as I don’t get out too often. Whilst on Facebook I start to get sad as I now see all the messages for my dear mom. I won’t go on about the particular reason of my real sadness but then I do realise that each one of us has our own lives to live. I have my own life to live too and I will not make the excuse oh I have a TBI so…bla, bla, bla. I am alive and I am happy I have my amazing wife and my two kiddies at my side so I will not worry about others that don’t why should I in any way. Yes I was sad but in truth I am so happy and that’s what I choose I choose to be happy.


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