I Could Have but I Didn’t

I could Have but I Didn’t

I could have but I didn’t  now I want to but I can’t

I found this little phrase written down in one of my notes. I have no idea where I got it from perhaps it came from my broken brain. Don’t live your life this way if you put off those amazing ideas too long  you will become part of the “if only” people.

So my amazing son is off on his holiday. Keegan has saved all his moola to get to Spain, France and to Amsterdam. His exams at Wits are finished and so now it is time for him to party. I wanted to do this type of tour when I had completed my schooling but due to an ‘if only’ moment I did not. Well one of the parts of my life I do not really miss but I would have loved to do. I say do not really miss as my broken brain stole that from me, which is just fine actually as now I will make new memories new opportunities. Now though there will not be the “if only “missed opportunity I will do it. I can and I will. So how am I going to run the Comrades Marathon. I have no fucking clue but I do know I will do it. Perhaps I will skip next year and complete it the following year 2020. That just sounds better whichever way it pans out it is okay as I will do it and I will get my medal.

On that note Keegan enjoy your trip and remember whilst in Amsterdam remember to smoke that doobie. It is legal there and also good for you. I love you my son enjoy.

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