In a Dream

In a Dream

Braden was fast asleep but as he slept he became uneasy and felt a cold draft sneak quietly across his face. Goose bumps sprung to life through his entire body. All the windows were closed and the bedroom was warm from the heater so why this cold draft he thought. Braden slowly opened his eyes as if expecting something. Braden then stared into the red glowing eyes of the Grim Reaper. Death had come to visit Death stood at his side he had come to collect…

Once again I cannot sleep.

“Go turn on the television babes lay in the lounge you keeping me awake.”

“Sorry babes.”

So I turn on the television but I can’t stand a television so I write and I write. Braden is now born… Braden is a man that is struggling to keep his shit together he is woken by the Grim Reaper. He has to now guide the grim reaper as the Reaper is lost between two worlds.

Well too late to stop now my next book is ten thousand words in. This could be my first novel. He, He. Well there is another book I am busy with-a series of short books I am on the third book of that series further on though about 80 000 words complete. My broken brain is a biography of me so it is not an official novel I guess. Ange is currently reading the paper copy and on each chapter there are a number of faults not too many punctuation faults but dates, times and events.

Wrong, wrong, wrong I guess it is my memory issues that just confuses. Me it’s okay as Ange and friends have given me a lot of lost time back also there are many events in my book which I have written about that I just don’t know where they come from.

This year it will be released yay cannot wait. Until then I will try my best to sleep more but I doubt that will be happening anytime soon. In a dream it will be then.

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