Dear Mom

Dear Mom

Hi mom

I do know you will receive my letter I also do know that I shall not receive your reply. I know you will not write me but I will get a response as you always do let me know of your happiness.

I would just like to summarise this last year which has gone by. The time I have spent now since your last birthday without you. Please do not get sad I just miss you dearly that is all.

New York marathon done-you were there I felt you and I saw you smile at me.

Keegan’s 21st

My first inspirational speech-I could have only done that as well as I did as you guided me through.

My new bond with dad we now speak each day. He is still as hard as nails though but he talks gently to me which is your doing mom thank you.

I can go on and on but I know you are right by my side and I know you see me. I know this for as I run and run I do not continuously talk to myself anymore…we talk. I have now a year to train for the Comrades Marathon and I do know that I cannot do this on my own. I know you will be there to pull me out of the dark moments and to push me up and over those long steep hills. I also know you will be waiting at the finish line with your amazing smile.

Thank you so very much for all you have and do for me. You are an amazing soul and you have guided me through my life. I know you will not stop guiding me.

Miss you mom see you around.

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