Are you alive? I mean are you really alive? Do you see the birds fluttering around playing and singing? Do you see the morning sun climb high above the clouds chasing away the darkness as it climbs it sends out its life giving rays warming us and soothing our souls?

Do you feel the life within you do you feel its power it holds? As you breathe you feel warm and energised you see further than just what is here you see life you see love. You feel life you feel love. We all forget the bits of yesterday and the bits of yesteryear. There is one great part of us which we will never forget we never quite understand it but we never forget that is to live to be alive.

All I now say is to never forget that you are indeed alive in whichever way you now live that is just fine. Just fine for it could be worse your clock could have stopped ticking and those that love you dearly would be the ones left behind the ones who actually now hurt.

I am alive yes I hurt and I do not truly understand all that goes on around me. I hurt and I pain but I will not give up I will continue to breathe. I will not stop not now I won’t as I see that sun as it rises and I see and I hear those birds waking as the sun rises and I see life I see and I love.

I will love harder I will fight harder and I will breathe deeper.



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