Comrades Marathon?

Comrades Marathon?

Friday’s are one of my good days not because it is indeed a Friday. It is that I get to spend time with Sand Wolf, Ice Bear and a new name now Lucky Legs. Lauren has earned her nickname well actually Lauren earned her name a long time ago but due to my memory issue her name has just been announced.

My session is over and Justin stands outside talking to his staff. Justin offered that I do the Comrades next year a while ago. I declined as I am not sure I can achieve this milestone. Today though I have decided to now do the Comrades marathon and in any way why not. Well actually I was convinced that I can indeed complete it by Justin so the weight is now on your shoulders Justin you said I can and now I will. Get ready for the moans and groans now I guess it will take over from my talk, talk, talk. I know I can do the marathon I just have to now complete a full marathon in less than five hours. Piece of cake I have already completed one that being the New York marathon.

Okay so I have to cut my time in a 42.2km full marathon by 2hrs to qualify but I do know I can so here we go the road to the Comrades begins. I have 12hrs to complete the 90 odd kilometers in plenty of time I will finish in 11hrs and 59mimutes. Imagine standing for 12hrs yip not an easy thought but what the hell we only live once.

Sitting here writing this post I have just realized this mission and I am tired already oh shit…it’s just fine I can and I will.


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