Happy Fathers Day Dad

Happy Father’s Day Dad

Ange and I are off to see her dad for father’s day a short visit Julian Is not feeling too well so we have a couple cups of coffee and we sit in the sun. Whilst Ange sits in the sun I ask Jules for some advice we sneak into one of his workshops and we chat I get all I need in ten minutes. What Jules has given me has taken months to try work out but there it is. A father just seems to know so much more we just have to ask thanks Jules.

Our visit at Anges dad is over we have other father’s day ventures-mine. I am a father of two special kiddies. Keegs and Cammy these two have become so strong from my injury I am so proud of them. We meet at Chinese town in Bruma Lake and we order our food I now get given a present from my kids. Wow just what I need a journal and a pen in the shape of a hammer. Ange loves this she says they know me so well perhaps the two presents are the past and the present now combined to get me into the future. The pen in the shape of a hammer would be the old me, a builder by trade but that has now left me the journal is my new me a place to store my memories my external memory.  One connects to the other they work perfectly without one the other will not work. I shall now use both of these to get on with my new life to write down all those important bits I would have forgotten. Now though I will not forget small important details. Firstly though I shall use the pen to continue to edit my book which Ange is already doing and I must say Ange would be a great editor. I can scratch details down in my new external memory to keep the small bits together.

Thank you to all of you that made this day so special Father’s day connects all of us in so many ways.

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