Phuza Friday

Phuza Friday

If the heading confuses you its just fine it is a well-known South African phrase all South Africans know and understand it is Zulu for drinking Friday. So today is Friday but it is not phuza Friday it is freedom Friday today I am out and about. I have a good session at bio and I am off home via Alexander to UFO. I will price some training shoes for my second New York marathon next year this time I will be a guide for another victim of the silent injury TBI I catch a taxi. Hanging from the rear view mirror is a bear I now rename the bear Bevan all the passengers laugh and smile.

I am happy and I have made others happy I love this. The taxi cannot take me to my destination so I walk the odd two km. I walk past Liezel’s work and stop there to tell Liezel that will be taking my kiddies out for father’s day. Liezel then arrangers a driver to get me there and home for it is dangerous to walk this route I think it is just fine but I accept the offer. Poor driver Bruce and his companion Philip they are now stuck with Bevan. I talk and I talk they laugh they are enjoying the trip.

Bruce then tells me I should add a section about my many trips in the taxi’s to my book this is a great idea and so I shall thanks Bruce. Bruce and Philip are good men they love their job they make me feel safe and give me safe ride home. If all South Africans can be as positive and have such good spirits as they do our amazing country will be so much happier.

Thanks guys for that enjoy your Friday and enjoy those Zamaleks after work. Good to know you.


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