Good to See You

Good to See You

Another ordinary day in my life it would seem as I am now alone and all is quite. My wife has just left for work I am sitting outside in the awesome warm rays of the sun. I am staring at the large now bare tree due to the winter I am wondering how I shall fell this almighty beast for the tree needs to come down. A contractor is being arranged to take on this task but as I stare I know when the contractor arrives the task will be complete for I am here all day every day.

My wife has instructed me no babes no but Ange is now at work and for me there is work to be done right here right now. A while later I am bleeding but my task has begun and so I shall persist this tall widespread tree shall be mine it shall be quietened. Moments later Darren arrives he is an electrician he is here to check our electrical layout and to fix all the problems. I know Darren I have worked with him before my accident I have arranged for Darren to do the necessary works but as normal I have forgotten that I made the appointment. The gate opens Darren steps out of his vehicle it takes me a moment but his smiling face then opens up broken memories. Immediately my heart is shining my mind talks to me I smile and I say to myself ‘good to see you’.

It has been a while now that I have been able to see a good man from my past-a friend I do not know of the times we shared together but I do know that Darren and myself got on really well. Memories are now summoned from that cold abyss they are here to just keep my smile burning a while so I too can enjoy good bits of my life gone by. Darren and I talk of memories; I proudly show him my medal from the New York Marathon and show him a video of my story. I then ask Darren to please say hi to the people we both know to give Steve a strong handshake from me and to give Anne a great big hug I know Darren will do this for me. I feel good now I feel happy and proud of the words he spoke to me those inspiring words. Thank you Darren go well and enjoy each day of the rest of your life.


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