Sunday Sunday?

Sunday Sunday…?

Sunday is an awesome and great day, a day to relax and unwind. There is no pressure as one lifts their head from the pillow. Perhaps your husband makes a cup of tea and allows you to just relax in bed and chill out or perhaps not when Bevan is your husband. Bevan has been awake for many hours now he has not looked at his watch yet to check on the time he doesn’t need to he knows within about ten or so minutes the exact time. He knows this because he has watched the sunrise and can now tell the time by the amount of light streaming in through a tiny slit in the curtain.

It is now eight AM and Ange needs to get to work I have let her sleep in a bit for she was up many times during the long night. I do not realise it but there has not been one ting, ting sound from her alarm just yet this is just fine now for Ange is up and awake. I run her a bath and make a cup of tea I place it next to her bed Ange gets to the bath to relax before a long day in the office. I am outside in the garden now checking on my veggies and doing some upgrades to the veggie beds etc.

I get back to the bedroom to see if Ange is ready and all good for a Monday at work.

‘Why all the noise babes’

‘I’m just in the garden doing some work’

‘Why you wearing jeans Ange’

‘Because I want to why’

‘Well your boss is going to shit himself’

‘Huh, babes it’s Sunday’

‘Seriously oh fuck sorry’.

Yip at some point in the darkness I lost time…again I didn’t lose time I lost a day. This okay this as a normal for me besides I have gained another Sunday with this amazing woman.

I just love Sunday or Monday or whatever day it actually is I love every single day of the week. I love each day just because I do perhaps I love life  as I am alive well I know I do so all is just fine.

Enjoy your Sunday whatever you decide to do enjoy it just because it is Sunday.



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