Angelas Angels

Angela’s Angels

On the first Thursday evening of the month Ange and I attend Headway Friendship Circle (HFC). The HFC is for the amazing people close to us the ones who give so much to the TBI and ABI sufferers. We arrive I am excited for two reasons to show everyone there my book showing that my TBI is just an injury and that I am possible. My book is not the great event though this honour belongs to my most amazing wife.

Ange has been thinking about starting a social group for all the caregivers for a while now. This will be a monthly get together just for the girls that give so much to us it will be for them to just have an ordinary day together without the heavy weight placed upon their shoulders. The ladies there have become good friends they all have one common issue. Like us the injured most of the “friends” have disappeared they now need time off and just one day a month to laugh and have a good time.

Ange is taking my injury and turning it around like me Ange will not be pushed into a corner and wither away alone. Ange is the most amazing woman I know she has so much to give and so Ange will do just that. By starting Angela’s Angels this is going to give her so much as well as all of the ones that give all day every day.

Ange I am so proud of you and there are so many that you will comfort and help get so very much from you. Well done my Angel you are my rock star. You go girl do what you do best; getting up and standing tall I love you forever.


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