Blow up Doll

Blow up Doll

What you are thinking why I would need a blow up doll!

Well we all know what a blow up doll is and I am sure I have never had one. If anyone does not know what a blow up doll is let me explain in detail…

No I don’t think I will if you do not know then I suggest ask Google. The reason why I need one is so that I do not shout at the people close to me.  I therefore will not hurt them or get them started on a really shitty note for the day. When I feel that the atom bomb has been loaded into the chamber and the red button is about to be pressed I can go to the cupboard yank her out and blow up. She will get the full might of my TBI also she will not cry or try defending herself. She won’t as her mouth cannot move and she can’t talk in anyway.

Well on second thoughts I think that is a really bad idea. Imagine I do have a blow up in my cupboard then perhaps I will book myself into Tara permanently. Okay so dropping that idea I just have to try not loading those atom bombs I do think I am getting better the bombs used to be launched quite often but now they have subsided substantially still it is unfair on those close to me. I now wish to apologise once again to my Ange for this morning’s launch. I will not say it will not happen again for I do fear it will but I will certainly try prevent launching those destructive out bursts.



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