Live Now Not Tomorrow.

The Time is Now

The only time to start is right now do not wait and just say no we will do it next month or next week. The next week may never arrive in fact tomorrow may never get here I say that it may never arrive for two reasons. The first is that a member of the family may fall then the time meant to have been spent and enjoyed by all is gone. The train of today has left the station on a one way ticket its destination being the deep, dark abyss. The second reason being the most common to all of us the time is never right. We just wait for that special moment which will never appears father time has now taken over and it will never be shared with the excitement planned in the first place.

I have the shitty honour of sharing both these two scenarios. Firstly I had planned for many good times to be shared by my beautiful Ange and me. Secondly I did fall hard I fell and my whole life was swallowed up by that deep, dark cold abyss. I do know that my train will never return I know this but I now fight harder to live, love and care more. Perhaps this was meant to happen to me just so that I could really understand and really learn to appreciate my life. My time which I share with another is just that we share our love and our days. Who am I to deny my wife of the special moments Ange should also enjoy the sweet fruits of life?

I now live with a TBI this invisible injury is difficult if one does not accept the change. Those new changes can be bad and hurtful to others, the special ones you now share your life with. I have accepted my injury and I now appreciate each and every day I live for the now and I love life. I have learned to live harder, love harder. I now fight each day as if the greatest battle can knock me down so I fight to win.


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