A Good Week At the Office

Training at Justin Jeffreys Biokinetists

A Good Week at the Office

My week certainly started off on a low note Tara wow a scary place at first but after some time there it gave me a bit of hope. Tara is not all bad and scary there is a good side to it I think well once through the entrance and into the right department it seemed okay. I shall now look forward to some much needed therapy. Our funds are at an all-time low so there is no other option really and I do need my one on one occupational therapy Tara is a government institution it therefore offers good therapy at reasonable rates.

Wednesday I get to Headway this is my favourite day of the week I can mingle with some great people all of us are super hero’s we have all cheated death and now live with a smile upon our face. I get to be part of my favourite class too Tina is a real special soul she gives so much to others Tina gives and gives whilst Tina hands out all her knowledge there is always a great smile on her face.

Friday morning I get to Bio kinetics with Justin Jefferies aka Ice Bear he is always there helping and giving. Ice bear walks around with a spark in his step (with the bright orange shoes) which is just fine in anyway. I see Ice bear he does not just walk around he is observing and just checking that Jiten is on the ball getting me aka Sea Dog strong. I do know that Jiten is a great Bio kinetics therapist he knows me so well and he works on my broken parts. I also give him so much uphill and he just smiles and con

tinues as he works there are two faces laughing and frowning as I continue on my quest to disrupt whatever I disrupt. Ange my most beautiful wife is there to see my progress and a new face is there too apparently we have met before this is her opportunity to fit in and be employed in the best Kinetics facility.

Justin has made me part of his trust which now help with payments for my therapy thank you so very much Ice bear for your generosity. Oh and one more thing Jiten will now be known as Sand Wolf  hope you okay with your new name.

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Training keeps me going

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