What Tara Hospital Huh

What! Tara Hospital-Huh

So we arrive at the entrance my first glimpse of this eerie place is a large sign above the entrance below the steel structure stands five or six well equipped security guards.. Wow was my first thoughts. We have arrived here for me to get some occupational therapy not to get booked in as a patient-which would be really bad.

This is a government institution the therapist here are extremely good at their job also our money which Ange brings in is now spread thin I need my occupational therapy one on one to further my recovery and the rates here are low we could afford this. Ange and I get to the registration office to apply and for me to be assessed by one of the therapist. We sit waiting for a while to fill out the necessary documentation the while drags on it takes time for this it is a government institution so there is no rush for the staff here. We must just wait until we are seen to. Whilst we wait patiently there are many people walking in to be assessed and checked out whilst waiting I am breaking down the chronic medication I am on to stabilise my moods are now wearing out very fast. I feel the breaking point rushing through my blood I know in a few minutes I am dropping the first atom bomb. I stand up and walk quickly out the cramped office to just get some air and to feel the open space outside.

I come to my senses I cannot leave Ange inside alone so I walk in to sit and stay by her side. I am now embarrassed Ange cannot be here it is hard for her I can see it in her face. Just then a man stumbles by with a pee sample which spills all over the floor.  Moment later a woman walks by she bears a blank look on her face as she walks by she is carrying some kind of swab sample. The first atom bomb now sits in the chamber waiting for the red button to be pressed. Without any warning it is launched Kaboom! The ground shakes and the windows rattle this is the atom bomb of all atom bombs I now speedily get outside for I know there are going to be repercussions Ange follows soon after trying to calm me down it works and soon we see the occupational therapist.

Soon after we exit the steel structure we are search they now look if we have smuggled a man out. We get home I am sad and frightened but after a while I am calm and realise that if I can get strong I will then get Ange strong again. All is okay I must do whatever it takes and I will, I will beat this invisible injury although I do know I now live with it. My life has changed but I will enjoy every day and I do love life even if I have to get through the scary bits of it. I love Ange so very much and I WILL get strong for me so that Ange can be strong once again.


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