Time and the River

Time and the River

As time ticks on so does the river flow neither you nor I has the power to prevent these two from taking place. Yes we can stop the river at some point well we think we can but in truth there is no way to prevent the flow for this is life this is what we are all about.

I sit here at three in the morning my mind wonders through life-my life. There is not much to tell in fact there is very little of the forty eight odd years I know of. Does this mean I have found a way to stop the great clock from ticking over? I believe I have in many ways for I am young I am finding out about life for the first time now at forty eight I live as a teenager. I am finding out how to live what is important and what to brush aside. I am finding out how to enjoy each day each night. Perhaps this is why I am awake when most of us are fast asleep. The darkness of the still quiet night does not scare me in fact the cool, still air excites me and it dances with joy for it knows I am enjoying its beauty. On that note actually the truth is my body is not as my mind is that teenager walks with pain and fights each day to get stronger that body remains a forty eight year old man it shows the effects of time. I am okay with this for as long as my mind is young I can teach my body to be strong and I can guide it through the rest of my life.

I now hear the call of a ring neck dove as it sits in its home high in the branches of that strong tree it sings and it calls out to all saying I am also awake I see you there awake and free I am also free-free as you are. All who now read this and think this man has lost his marbles he makes no sense I wonder how he really is doing? Well this man is as strong as a river he flows freely into the ocean he has wondered up above the earth and he has reunited with the river at its source, he now flows once again through life seeing and living and he shall enjoy each and every moment even if it is in the still dark night. This does not matter to him for he is alive, he is broken but he is strong stronger than ever.

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