The Fab Four Hit the Moon

The Fab Four

Tuesday to me seemed as if Sunday was upon us we were now relaxing and just playing a round of golf with close friends. In truth each and every day can be whatever day I want it to be so Tuesday became Sunday.

So it was the fab four enjoying the sunshine on a golf course Brian, Anton, Guy and myself. Tuesday was a really special day for me it brought back a memory or ten of our awesome day playing for a real special cause-Headway fund raising. At headway we are being learned how to fit in by doing ordinary tasks such as playing golf. Yes we did not finish before the sun set…again this was just fine as the moon was amazing and in anyway who wants to be normal and the same as all the other sheep.

I managed to achieve one of my goals in my second chance in life by getting a par on a hole I got this but I also achieved so much more-a birdy so that’s two great events for me. The big event would still take place though this would be an amazing dinner at Brian and Robin’s amazing home. We did not know of this and it was a real great surprise. I did feel bad though for my beautiful wife was at home alone. This was just fine as I did not stay and drink the night away as I would have done in the past.

Thank you to all that made this day so special thank you Robin and Brian for treating us after the moon came out to chase us off the course. Perhaps the next game should start before the sun rises-just saying. LOL.

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