Why Stop Doing What You Love Doing

Why Stop Doing What You Love Doing

I thought I was writing too many blogs but I was wrong. I have been missing something in the time I spend at home alone-this was communication. Once again Headway found a way for me to resolve what I did not understand but what I knew.

My good friend Anton asked me today why you have stopped writing your blogs. I told him I thought I was boring everybody Anton then replied I miss your stories he also said well if someone thinks that they will just not read them but I would like to. Anton also told me that many people miss my blogs this to me was uplifting and I felt great that I do indeed give at least one person something. Now on I will write when I feel like writing I will continue to enjoy the thing I enjoy in life. I have a saying; do what you like doing for you do not do this for somebody else I know people read my stories and follow me I am proud of my writing and so I will continue to write for me. If others want to read a post of mine and if they enjoy it I feel good about that.

Thank you Anton for your words to me for giving me that great feeling of joy and for being honest to me you are a good friend the type of friend I need in my life.

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