Giving Headway a Voice

Giving Headway a Voice

Anton, my good friend at Headway organised an interview for three Headway attendees to speak live on Mix FM it will be an hour’s talk on David Watt’s show. Anton selects Brian and me to join him-the three of us won the longest day at the Headway golf day fundraiser the trio that had to be collected on the sixteenth hole as the sun had set. Yes it took us a bit long but we played and we played well once again proving that a brain injury is just that an injury not a disease that pushes us aside and isolates us.  Wow what an honour to be able to speak on national radio! Monday evening Ange and I get to the Mix FM studio well before the time we had to as I was jumping around the room I think this was Ange’s only option. We arrive an hour before the time arranged I then start bouncing around the studio whilst on my adventures I find… THE COFFEE MACHINE many cups of hot chocolate later we are invited into the studio.

Is this real I think am I actually about to share my story live on radio? I have spent the entire day planning what to say who to thank and promising myself not to swear. True to form I leave all my notes at home I am now on my own me and my no filter brain oh dear. Something does stick though-Headway. This interview is so important to give Headway a voice to tell all who suffer from the invisible injury that there is a place where the injured and their families can go and can feel safe a place where we can heal and feel good. Once the show starts I look to my right and see Brian and Anton calm and relaxed their calming spirit immediately fills me with confidence and strength. I am then asked to tell my story I do but  all my preparation for this very moment slips away so once again I am left unprepared. Unprepared, nervous and excited this is just fine and I start to talk as I talk I become calm and my fear of this moment turns to strength.

During our time in the studio I feel proud that the three of us are not afraid of whom we are and that we can indeed talk about the time we were knocked down. Mostly though we talk about how we stood up again and that we love life that we are strong. We speak to those who have fallen to this invisible injury that life carries on and everything will be okay.

Thank you to Mix FM for allowing us to tell our story, for the opportunity to raise awareness about this injury and for allowing us to tell all about  Headway. Please have a listen to our interview click on the link below.


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