What Are the Chances

What Are the Chances

Hit and run-2015 on the 12th of August I was involved in a hit and run it was early in the evening the sun was setting. I was left in the road unconscious and dying when another vehicle would run over my body this vehicle stopped and called a local farmer to investigate the vehicle then speedily left the scene.

Now two odd years later I am walking home from Headway which is my rehabilitation centre I am feeling great for I have just been asked by my Bio kinetics therapist Justin Jefferies to speak at Wits University as part of his lecture I had also just delivered an inspirational talk to others that have fallen to TBI the invisible injury.

I look left look right there are no vehicles I then cross the busy Oxford Street suddenly out of nowhere I am struck by a large black Audi A8 moments before I am knocked to the tar I raise my arms to protect my upper torso I  tuck and roll. The convertible strikes me and screeches to a halt as I lie on the tar the passenger screams as she stares into my eyes she then shouts at the driver and instructs him to go. The Audi then disappears through the busy road… gone I have just been run down for the third time in less than three years. I now ask myself what the hell what are the stats that a person can be involved in three hit and runs?

This morning I am just fine feeling a bit sore battered and bruised but I am good I have once again evaded the grim reaper he must be really annoyed by me slipping through his arms. Oh well that’s just life I guess one minute all is good the next you are lying on that warm tarmac. I guess I will take that for I am alive and I am strong. Now though in the future I will continue to wander past the traffic and through the busy roads of Johannesburg I will just pin a great sign on my back saying please don’t run me over I have the ‘t’ shirt, been there done that.



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