Beautiful Ange

Beautiful Ange

Wow what a special lady; kind, giving, loving, strong and… so awkwardly funny! I truly love this woman I love every last bit about her I can write a book about this amazing woman about all the wonderful aspects Ange carries deep within her but I am also going to write about the other side that I and all her friends know about the love of my life little bits of the funny side.

Anges weird and awkward moments is what will follow (Warning these are some of the funniest bits of Ange) Sorry Ange I have to do this not to make you feel bad but sometimes (but mostly daily) you just have the most unique way about you.

Ange gets to her desk at work to get there it is a long through the most part of the Investec building walk from her parking bay passing 3000 odd thousand other staff members. So Ange sits down and removes her laptop back pack places it on the floor next to her and OH F… she thinks to herself hanging on the back of her rucksack  are a pair of her under ware from her draw I think Ange said they were pink as well oops. I can just imagine how she felt. There have been so many of these weird moments of Ange I just laugh each day. This morning we drive to the shops Ange stops behind a vehicle which is not moving so she hoots and swears I look and think noooo Ange why. The car she is hooting at is in a parallel parking space on the side of the road with no driver. We laugh and we laugh wow it was hysterical. A few more of Anges weird moments;

Getting out of her car but left hanging out the door-Ange forgot to take off her seat belt.

Walking into a closed glass door and bouncing back to the floor (many times).

Sliding back in her chair at work and the laptop follows her- Ange forgot to take off her head phones.

Walking around a corner and once again ending up on the floor- got to walk around the corner Ange not into it.

Stepping into the lift at work oops there go the car keys down the lift shaft. I think the space between the floor and lift is millimeters bigger than Anges keys a million in one chance of this actually happening but down they go. A call to the maintenance manager gets his day full many, many hours later they retrieve her keys from the bottom of the shaft pit, nicely done Ange.

There are so many of these awkward moments Ange has its just fine I love her to bits and Ange is the light of my life.

I love you more than all the stars my babes. Kiss, kiss



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