Dance Love Sing Live

Dance, Love, Sing, Live

Dance like nobody is watching.

Love like you’ve never been hurt.

Sing like nobody is listening.

Live like it’s heaven on earth.

Lying in the lounge at two in the morning thinking about when I should write a new post and wondering what it could be about. Suddenly in a flash Anges poster she loves displays itself to me as if I had never seen it ever before almost like everything just fell into perfect place. In a flash our life can change forever this I know all about. Now though at four in the morning after a couple of hours I experience a great moment not a life changing event (been there got the T-shirt) just a nice feeling I have that is that I am alive and I am happy.

I know my life has had its ups and downs and I do know that I should not be alive but now as I lie here with the world trying to weigh me down I stand up and dust off that weight. I will not be sad or feel sad-not that I really do but I must say that tonight I could not sleep as my broken body was in so much pain I could not sleep. After a while I realised that my painful groans had woken Ange up I then decided to kiss her on the cheek and tuck her in then I moved to the lounge so that Ange can get the rest she needs.

I will now lie here in the lounge and Dance, Love, Sing, Live until it is time for my wife to wake and when she does I will make her a cup of tea hold her tight and kiss her as she goes off for the day at the office. Perhaps I will sleep tomorrow or the next week it doesn’t matter for I am alive.

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