My Broken Brain the Book Soon to be Released

My Broken Brain the Book

It has been a while since I have posted a blog I will now not post a blog every day in fact not even once or twice a week perhaps once a month a few reasons for this;

The first is I feel I am starting to bore the hell out of everyone the second is that now I have new fire in me. An old flame which started some two years ago has been ignited-my book. I started writing and finished it in one month. My speech therapist did say I cannot write a book in one month she was right. After I had completed the one hundred and seventy odd pages I assumed that this was it there was no more I could do to the words of this book. In my mind my first book was indeed complete I then forgot about it and I never actually read it.

Jerry-a friend of my dad and I spoke as he visited my dad he awoke my memory of my book. As it came to life I read through and immediately knew this booked lacked body. A couple of weeks later the total number of pages rose to over two hundred and fifty. I believe it is now very close to being complete. I now write and I write this is where I spend my spare time now. I have also started my eighth book and I am excited to write. The other six books will now have to wait a bit I will complete this one first. Soon now I will ask all to down load My Broken Brain on eBooks or where ever it will be placed this will bring in some kind of income for me and perhaps you will enjoy the read.


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