One Life Live It

Easy but Hard

If life was always easy and simple would we really appreciate the great satisfaction and amazing feelings we embrace once we complete a certain difficult task, Is it not the struggle we have to overcome first to have those awesome feelings released to us? Life is in fact hard but also easy to see that there is so much greatness exposed once that secure box has indeed been opened.

Sweet and sour

Good and bad

Are you alive for one reason just living to die? We will all die that is a fact or that is a fact we think we know I say we think because do we really know… do we? Perhaps our life here right now is just an entrance to life perhaps we only start living once we die maybe just maybe. I believe we should live our life as if each day is the last we should love every single day for in truth it may very well be our last. One life live it – a saying we often hear and see we see it as that vehicle passes us once finding that small gap in the traffic. Minutes later it is one of many bumper stickers which drift past an open eye as we sit frustrated amongst a hundred other stationary vehicles on a congested Monday morning road.

When I talk to a large audience or a stranger I have just met one point I try get across; when you are having a real shitty day try find one small part of it which can bring a smile to that frustrated sad face… just one. I challenge all who now read this to try this try it and I bet you will get to bed with a smile on your face after that shitty day once you find that moment. Tomorrow will be different you will not face the next day just waiting to die you will enjoy  many moments in a bad day and perhaps your shitty everyday life will change.

One life live it.


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