Thank you Sydney

All You Do is Talk Talk

Ange and I are up in Hoedspruit. We meet up with my good friend the Jean Jeanie. We arrive at Sleepers the local pub before we walk inside I see parked outside is an awesome Suzuki superbike. I know this bike is special and I know the man who dares to mount this beast must be a proper bike rider.

I walk into the pub and I see a well-built tough looking guy standing holding a beer he has arms the size of my legs this must be him. I have no filter and I have no fear of many people this is one of the repercussions from my accident. The first words that come out are ‘Fuck did you buy those arms’! Well nice Bevan this is the perfect start to being beaten blue in an instant. Why do I do this what the heck was I thinking serious. He stares straight at me I suddenly think (which is pretty rare for me) oops… but then moments later we are talking and sharing a beer we get to know each other and laugh and talk and talk. Sydney and Carolina live in Hoedspruit they get out on the weekends for a ride to wherever so today they stop at Sleepers for a beer. They meet me but they do not know just yet that they have met a guy that can talk a glass eyeball to sleep. Ange immediately is happy and relaxed as she knows she will now get a break from my bla, bla, bla.

What a great couple and Sydney is such an awesome guy I now talk and they listen I also know they are not just being nice to me-this poor guy with a brain injury. All of us now in the pub are enjoying our time here. After a while we leave to get to my dad I am so happy wow what a great day and talking to Sydney was special for me. Just talking to a total stranger that actually listened not out of pity for me just because he was such an open nice guy was amazing.

Well thank you Sydney and Caroline for actually sharing the afternoon with Jean Ange and myself and enjoy the ride catch you guys again somewhere.

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