Hip Replacement Blues

Hip Replacement Blues

Ange and I sit at the Mediclinic in Tzaneen for the second time this week I have been here four times since my dad has had his apparent hip replacement. What does it take to replace a hip- three return trips in an ambulance? Well said the idiotic surgeon at our last trip back to the emergency ward which was yesterday by the way. Oop”s it’s the Easter weekend and I don’t think much will happen. So I am sending you home Mr Oschger just take it easy don’t cross your legs and no serious activity. What seriously that’s it don’t cross your freaking legs! Have you lost all your bananas Mr Re….(I don’t think I should say his name for fear of being sued) it isn’t hard to figure it out though I think he is the only surgeon at Tzaneen Mediclinic.

Well the next morning at four Am I am up and driving to the main entrance to meet the ambulance…Again. Getting up early is no problem for I have been up long before the alarm goes off besides there are two other great benefits. I get to see the most amazing sunrise and I get to drive on my own yee haa. I meet the ambulance, dodge the elephants and we get back to my dad, he has had to sleep sitting the entire evening so he is sore and tired.

Three hours later we arrive at the hospital I now have to sit out of site from the doc. so I take off my shirt outside the entrance and sleep- I feel buttons. I am now banned from talking to this so called surgeon in fact I am banned from sitting with my dad in case he walks in. I am the one that bans me for I know the minute I see him I will be dropping the first atom bomb of many and perhaps by doing this will destroy all the injured in the hospital never mind the surgeon and all in the ward.

Ange meets the surgeon and blasts him properly so now the operation will take place on Easter Friday a new more sophisticated joint is being installed. Tuesday I will be back with my dad to help him recover again. If there is a problem I will run to Tzaneen and blast this f…..properly. Well done Ange for being there and for doing so much you are amazing, now you can sleep and just rest.

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