My Beautiful Cammy

Camryn –Cammy

Tonight my amazing beautiful daughter sparkled and glowed of beauty and pride. There was no space for darkness for flashes and bright lights flooded the night sky. The entrance to the arrival area was filled with cheer and joy for Cammy and all the matric ladies they are arriving at their year-end matric dance. The loud cheers and screams of all the younger scholars, parents and friends chase away the still of the night for all the ladies arrive in chauffeured driven polished smart vehicles. Their partner stands smartly waiting to open the door and lead their lady into an evening which they will never forget. The excited crowd stands shoulder to shoulder and cheer as each lady exits her chariot.

Ange Keegan and myself wait for Cammy to arrive I am happy and excited but I am unaware of the emotional feelings which are about to overwhelm me. As we stand waiting for my Cammy I realise that this is not my little baby any more this is my beautiful proud young lady. Cammy is met by her date he opens the door and walks her away from me and into the venue. I break down and I cry my cries are joyous cries for I see my young daughter in an instant become a beautiful woman. I then realise that I have done okay for my daughter looks perfect and this moment is now her moment to cherish forever.

Mostly I am crying because the odds were against me to even be able to be part of this moment but here I am, here we all are Ange, Liezel Clint and me. We watch a little girl step confidently into the big world as Camryn steps further away from us she steps closer to where she wants to be. I know Cammy will be okay and I do know my little angel has become a lady but still it is difficult for me to understand this then in that exact moment I am so happy for her. I let go of my angel and silently in my mind I wish her happiness.

Cammy you looked amazing enjoy these special times and enjoy each step you take just know that you will always be my little angel.

I love you so very much.





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