Twenty one

Twenty One Again

Tonight Keegan celebrated his 21st birthday twenty one wow! We all meet at an awesome venue in Monte Casino. There is such a beautiful buzz it takes me a while to adapt and recognise everyone there Ange and I feel so relaxed and special. Clint has as usual gone out of his way and arranged an amazing evening I assume this… but I am pretty sure it was both of them that put all the work into this amazing evening both Liezel and Clint . Ange and I arrive on time most of the invited guests are all there. A section of the restaurant has been set aside just for Keegan. Liezel and Clint are there and greet us with open arms. Ange and I greet everyone and filter into what becomes an amazing evening.

I am buzzing around in another world I then notice Keegan and Ange sitting and talking. Wow I think this is special my son and his step mom able to enjoy one of the greatest moments in his life I am so blessed. I notice all Keegan’s friends have arrived and are sitting in a circle with Keegan as the centre of attraction and why not for it is his evening.

Keegan leaves his friends to spend time with others I see my gap and speedily move in to sit with his mates. I give them a no filter talk as I would for I do not really think before I speak which is sometimes harsh but in reality it is the honest open truth. I tell them how proud I am of all of them and what a true friend in my eyes means. They get it and talk openly of their great strong circle.

A while goes by and Keegs and I sit together we talk openly and deeply I am so very  proud of him as I talk Keegs starts to cry he cries and cries- I cry and cry. My son is a proud, strong man- a good man. Keegs cries for I tell him I do not really remember him as a young boy it feels as if I am twenty one now and he and I are almost brothers, perhaps twins. As sad as this may seem it is my truth I also say to Keegs that I shall never forget this moment and I thank him. Clint Keegan and I sit and we talk we are a strong trio. In my heart I know that Keegan is blessed as he has four parent’s two moms and two dads. Thank you to Ange Liezel and Clint for making this possible.

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