Keegan Keegan

Keegan Keegan

Twenty one today March 17th 2018. Life has certainly gone fast for my son to turn twenty one. Where did it go? Well it has been a great twenty one years for Keegs. I do not have too many memories of his twenty one years for my broken brain stole themI am sure he remembers many of those years within each of those years there are many, many memories. Good, great, fantastic would be the first to arrive into his thoughts as he thinks of life so far. There are also the sad, bad and sore moments which come to his thoughts, they will always be there. All the good and great memories will stay in his deep thoughts to give him a boost when times are tough. They shall always be there to help ad guide him. So too are those hard, difficult sad or bad memories they will always be there to just allow him to remember that he should learn from those shitty moments or bad decisions.

Keegan well done you have certainly brought many people together by just being who you are. Try not judging yourself to harshly when you do bugger up for you will as we all do. My dad told me to try everything once but I now say to you don’t for there are many choices in life you should not make or try. These bad choices could hurt you but most importantly they could knock you where you struggle to understand the power which they hold and you may struggle to overcome their power. If you do make that wrong decision just know it is okay and if you struggle to overcome it you know that I shall always be there to help, guide or just get you up again with no judgement what so ever.

Keegan have a great day but most importantly have a great life live it hard live it good and love it. ONE LIFE LIVE IT!

I love you my beautiful boy

Your dad


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