Life’s Highs Never End

Life’s High’s Never End

How am I going to get a better high than that of completing the New York Marathon I think? I completed the marathon as a disabled runner never before running further than five kilometres. Two thousand professional runners could not complete the marathon but I did. I have been thinking of this often not knowing that next year there will be an even greater high. I do not think too often this is just part of my brain injury well it is just fine for I have family and friends and Face Book which remind me of life.

Time is closing in on two great events these will take place on the 17th and 23rd March. I am now ecstatic for all my worries that nothing will conquer that of the marathon have been blown away in an instant. My son Keegan and beautiful daughter Camryn have great events which they and I shall never forget ever. Keegan will turn 21 and Cammy will attend her matric dance. Holy cow I think I almost never got the chance to witness these two great events for I lay dying on the side of a lonely road. This is not sad for me for I would be long gone in another world this would be sad for my kiddies. I try imagine Keegan standing up to present his speech to thank all for taking care of him and, and, and he pauses… now takes a deep breath his eyes well up and he starts to cry. He then takes a moment to get his strength back and talks about how his dad would have loved this moment how his dad would have been so proud of him.

I refused to give up I refused death my soul I did this for my life had just begun I know the best death could do was leave me with a TBI which is just fine for now I get to see my kiddies living their Life I am so great full and happy. Enjoy these special moments Cammy and Keegs I know I will.



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