Brain Injury the Greatest Injury of All

Brain Injury- The Greatest Injury of All

I have a brain injury life for me has certainly changed for the better and the worse. I cannot lie down and let this great devastating injury conquer me. I stand up and allow it to make me stronger. I have met many good friends at my therapy centre- Headway Gauteng. I know them as they are as I now am I do not know of their previous life. In truth I do not really think of how they were before I met them for I see them as powerful great people. I see them as good friends, friends that do not judge me or see me as disabled.

I cannot work or drive anymore this is okay for I can now write so writing brings me great joy writing takes the lonely time away. My wife started my blog for me so that when I remember a moment of my past I can write about it and then go back to re-read about that moment. After the first couple of posts the memory writing stopped and writing about life and great moments took over. I have written a book- My broken brain which I would like to publish this year I am currently on my eighth book now.

I write this post to those who have too fallen to this devastating injury perhaps you could also start a blog it brings great joy. Whatever it is you can now do just do it do not lie down and cry for yourself get up and try, try each day to get strong. Remember a brain injury could not break us we now have a super power we have survived. May you all try harder to beat this I send you my thoughts and strength and look forward to reading your stories’ please tag me in Face Book so I can follow you all.

TBI will not break, me Keep strong, keep fighting.

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