The Year of The Dragon

The Year of the Dragon!

I have no idea what this means I just know that in their culture each year is given a new name. I love the name of that year it sounds powerful. I think this is great although it will only be there once. Next year there is a new name for a new year the year of the dragon starts to fade away into the darkness still awesome though but lets’ rather change the years to months. I like this better for each and every year one particular month is dedicated to a cause or a great event or just an awareness campaign. Imagine being part of an internationally dedicated month. Wow what would I call this month which I am part of… something awesome and strong, something powerful and great something special? The month of the………..

I know I have such a great and awesome answer. I would call it BRAIN INJURY AWARENESS MONTH.

I say this not only because I have a brain injury and I now am aware of my injury I say this because it is very important to not damage this grey matter besides you only have one look after it. I say this for I would hate to see one of my friends or someone in my family fall hard like I did and come out on the other side alive but different. A  brain injury is an extremely lonely injury it hurts your loved one and it hurts the injured so much, for me not in pain but in emotional pain your life is in turmoil most in your circle have left they do not visit or care as it would seem. In truth I feel they are just scared and have no balls. In reality though this is just human nature for all at Headway have similar issues- most of the people that were close and a big part of their life are now gone. I now ask you all please let ordinary people out there know March is Brain injury awareness month and you know of a man that has sustained a brain injury. Do not be scared of him he does not have a disease he is as ordinary as we all he just is injured take a moment to just think of him and all of those thank you.

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