Sometimes Bad Things Happen

Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Good People, Sometimes it is Needed

As we go through life we do what we have to do to keep the wheels turning not knowing that we are actually on the wrong path. A teenager leaves school goes to university studies for five years to follow a career which they know little of. Does that young mind actually know?

Five years after passing through father time’s clock the teenager has received the degree and is excited to start their career. They step out into the real world and now hate what they are doing. The problem now digs away deep into their self for they have just bought that car and rent a small unit away from the safety of home. They cannot start again for there is too much pressure to be successful they have a new born and are now paying off the home. Fifteen years later they are still grinding away, have not received that promotion and are in a shitty place. It is too late they think and say to themselves I should have left years ago when I had the chance.

I say it is never too late take me as an excellent example I was working hard, never attended a university but I was real good at my profession. Recently though I had started to not enjoy my career path I had an opportunity to work in the Lowveld- I loved my last project but still there was a longing to work in the bush perhaps as a game ranger.

Life now took control of the decision I should have made years ago I was introduced to a TBI. Just like that my life would change forever. I would now have to continue on my journey whatever it took I cannot lie down. True I have not worked in almost three years but I love helping others I now donate my time in a soup kitchen. I would also like to start a center to help others to help those that have fallen and are struggling to get up again. I need to earn a living and I will get there…soon I will reach that dream I know I will. A bad thing happened to me but I got up and I will carry on this was perhaps necessary for me to see me. TBI strengthens me it will not break me.


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