Donovan my Brother.

Donovan Oschger

Donovan is my brother he is strong he is a proud man. Recently I discovered that indeed I have a brother for in truth I had no idea of this. I had been in a coma sleeping quietly undisturbed and at peace whilst in my own world as my brother sat at my side he too was quiet. Donovan was perhaps quiet but I am sure he was talking loud in his mind. He was sending me his strong spirit by being at my side I know he wanted to be there for he wanted me to get better, to come back to this world and to leave the abyss.

A year passed once I could understand pieces of my past were being brought back to me part of these pieces was that of my brother. I have been hard on him in the past two or so years for my world and memories were stolen from me. Memories of Donovan were also taken from me and were sent to the abyss. That dark, cold place which hides most of me but I fight this and I ask that these memories are given back to me but still most of them live now in that dark hole. I have been trying to understand him but it is hard and difficult. I will not lose my brother for he is part of me I also now know that he has his own life to live and so we shall live our lives as best as we can.

I see Donovan I see his strong will and his strength. Donovan has a good wife and two great kids they bring great joy and comfort to his life. The two of us are different but we are blood so we are the same deep down. Donovan is a good brother he brings great joy to my life I wish him well and I know that he will always be there for me as he was on that dark part of my journey.

Thank you so very much Don for being at Anges and my side side whilst I went away for a while, whilst I slept quietly in my coma. You are a good strong man just know as you do that I will always be there for you if ever you are in a dark hole.

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