Brain Injury Awareness Month

Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is an emotional time for me there is one great event which affects me tremendously. Yes I know it is brain injury awareness month and yes I have TBI if you do not know what TBI stands for it is Traumatic Brain Injury. I am not sad or depressed that this great injury knocked me down I am sad for Ange for this injury affects her so much more than me. I am also sad that I cannot take care of my kiddies the way I should I constantly forget to call them and see how they are coping with life’s challenges. I do know they have a safe and good home and I do know they are strong.

Keegan is my son he is strong and brave. Whilst I attended my first Rehabilitation center for my first year of recovery he drove me to and fro. I used to sit and wait for my lift back thinking Ange would drive up with her awesome smile but I was confused for there was a young man who would wave and Eventually step out of the vehicle “dad” he would call lets go. Now I realise this is my son this is Keegan Shit I didn’t recognise him wow I get sad and feel stupid. TBI once again has prevented me from recognizing my own son. Keegan was born on the 17th of March 21 years ago he now steps into the adult stage of his life. In truth though he got there two and a half years ago he would sit beside me as I lay deep in a coma. Keegan would keep his sister strong he would hug Ange and tell them it will be okay Daddy is tough and strong he will be okay.

Ange often tells me I should not worry about Keegan as my injury has made him stronger he has been a good son he was there for Cammy and herself he has grown and become a great man. Well in truth my brain injury has taken so much away from me but I do know that it has also made me stronger as it did with Keegan. I will be there for Keegan on his 21st birthday I will watch as everyone congratulates him. I cannot do much but I am alive and I will try my hardest to be at his side when he falls.

TBI will not break me it will not take me away from the people I love so dearly just know that this injury is hard and difficult try to understand that all of us who have been knocked down are still alive and strong. Think of us as we get through life give those who have fallen strength. Protect your brain you only have one. Please share this so those that have fallen know that their loved ones are thinking of them. Thank you- Bevan TBI survivor.

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