TBI Breaks Me Each Day

TBI Breaks me Each Day

As I write and post a new blog I always try to be positive and inspiring. Here is a small part of my day to day life the true reality.

I lie as still as possible next to my wife Ange needs to be up at six am to get to work to get through a tough day. I am quiet and alone the darkness fills my mind as the sun will only rise in three or four hours’ time. My day starts as it will end alone and quiet. I will not work today for I cannot Ange has asked please don’t leave the safety of our home as she will stress too much whilst trying to bring home our much needed income. Eighty per cent of her salary is spent on my recovery. I try keep busy but cannot so I wonder out into the abyss. As I leave home I am lost and forget why I am where ever I am. Ange has called several times to see if I am okay I eventually take the call and lie to her for I do not want her to stress. I am now in Alexander far from home it takes a few hours and help from strangers to guide me in the direction of home. I Know home is in Norwood- somewhere in Norwood.

I get off the taxi somewhere it now takes a few hours for me to find direction I now walk to a gate I recognise I am home now. Ange gets back from a hard day at the office to relax but has to now deal with the infant. I am sad and down for a few minutes of my memory comes to me but as it appears minutes later it has gone again, the day has been the same as yesterday and every day. My memory of yesterday and each day is no longer.

I remember I have kids and would like to call them and say hi I stand up to get my cell phone as I stand I forget why I am standing. Days go by and I receive a call from my kiddies I am sad once again for I feel I am a bad father for he cannot even call his kids.

This is the tip of the iceberg TBI tries to break me each and every day but I keep fighting. The sad part of me is that my amazing wife has to carry all the weight.


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