Headway Golf Day

Headway Gauteng Golf Day

All who took part in the Headway golf day sit eating a great dinner there is a buzz of excitement which floats through the air. There are smiles on each face some are happy for handing in their top score they now receive great prizes. Some have just out bid another in one of the many auctions which have all been donated by great companies. Some are part of the team which worked so hard and have just completed the most amazing day for all. Some are talking aloud of that amazing drive which won them that prize.

I sit next to my wife and I see her eyes glistening with joy Ange is part of Headway, Ange is here for I am one of the lucky ones which attend Headway I am healing with the help of all of those that now sit here. I think to myself this is why Ange is shining with joy Ange seems so happy because she is part of this great organisation we all are. Yes I know we are all here because some of us have fallen hard and we need help from great people we need this so very much. Life has certainly handed out a really bad card to us but we will not be lying down we will not stop from enjoying life why should we stop we are alive and we are strong. I now take a step back and look at our four ball we are the disabled team each one of us have been knocked down but we have smiles on our face and we are enjoying each other’s company. I look at Brian he walks with the help of his wife Robin to the tee and sends that tiny bloody ball far, far down toward the green. Brian then turns around and I see his eyes light up with fire and joy. I see Brian but more than that I see Robin she now wears a greater smile than Brian. Brian has just walked to the tee and swung a golf club perfectly a year ago he could not walk WOW!

As I write this now the rains pour down there is going to be no sun today any chance to swing a golf club on a great day is not going to happen. There will be no chance for all of us to sit around in a beautiful room and smile not on this overcast day but yesterday on our day everything worked out perfectly that bad card just became the joker card.

Now there are smiles of amazement for a great man has just told us all that an unknown has donated a quarter of a million rand to Headway! I hear we raised over four hundred thousand rand. This is how Headway does it. Thank you all for an amazing day thank you to that unknown for helping so many in one swoop you are unbelievable. Now I can cry again tears of joy.


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